Dave Child

A comedian, writer, host, dancer, and occasional lover.


Press Start is a short pilot Dave Child wrote with co-creator and director Evan Beamer for New Form Digital. It stars Darrell Britt-Gibson and Allison Miller and was showcased at the 2017 Austin Film Festival and Tucson Film Festival. The stand alone short is a proof of concept for a full half-hour series.


Paul is a gamer stuck in a dead-end job and a dead-end existence, but all that changes when he discovers life is literally a video game, complete with Save & Load buttons on his wrist.

Level by level, in romantic pursuit of his princess, Paul is being nudged down a path of selfishness, materialism, and (yeah sure) fantastical adventure by a violent 200+ year old sorcerer named Ralph.

The series starts out using video game rules in domestic situations: at work, on a date, out on the town… But as the levels get higher, the stakes get raised until we’re in a pure action-adventure comedy.

We progress from an arcade-dwelling Man Seeking Woman to a 16-bit wizarding world of Harry Potter (the later more grown-up ones when Ron and Hermione might actually be doing it).